Thursday, July 24, 2014

Golfing with dad. 
Jackaroo loved it.  Not just driving the cart everything else too!
Ry keeps asking me when I want to go with him.
Honestly, the thought of spending 3-4 hours on a golf course and actually taking it seriously sounds. Exhausting and overwhelmingly boring to me!
I would much rather spend that time in a pool, on a hike, on a bike, or on a road trip.

They love it though and just because I don't doesn't mean they shouldn't.
 I'll let this be what they do together.
I'll be 100% supportive and let them go whenever they want:)


The Dog. 
We still can't believe she loves the water like she does.

We have so much fun with her in the pool.
 Jackson loves how she howls when he says, you wanna go swimming Molly?!
She actually doesn't even swim, she walks on the bottom with her two feet and just moves her top two paws.....Then, when she wants to rest, she puts her paws up on the side of the pool and waits.
Then she sleeps the rest of the day and night.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My kind of breakfast! 
I came home after a early morning workout to a house full of lazies still in bed.
I told Ryan I had a nice warm fresh breakfast waiting for him.
but, I really have no idea why this picture was on my camera.

The mummy costume is his favorite. 
 unfortunately,  it is a little big for him and has caused a few tantrums.
like the watermelon.
Everything was going great, until he dropped his fork and couldn't pick it up.
Any help I could give to help solve the problem was unwanted.
So, I snapped away!

Ryan freaked when he saw the first picture.
you don't give them individual bowls to eat, you just let them eat out of the entire bowl?
I explained:
I was changing a diaper  when Jackson asked if he could get all the kids a snack.  I told him that would be so nice.  I didn't know he was going to let them freely, with snotty hands, eat from the the entire container of watermelon.

Oh well!

Ryan  into golfing right now.
He had one day a week free of sports and now it is filled... with golf.

Jackson called him at work and asked if he would take him golfing on Saturday.
Ryan came home with a set of his very own golf clubs.
Thankfully, Jackaroo loved it!
Every night our living room turns driving range.  
small woofle balls flying in every direction.

Ry had a birthday. 
I got him the best  "birthday cake" our neck of the woods has to offer.
It almost didn't make it from the car to the kitchen.

Ryan had to come home early from work.
Someone cut his head open and ended up with five staples.
While filling out the date part of the paperwork
I asked myself, what is the date? ooh Ryan's birthday.
So I wrote on every page for every date: 7/21/83
what a dummy!
The lady at the front desk said, what's this date?
 This one cracks us up.  He is one, almost two and acts like it.
He has one thing on his mind-break anything and everything and run!
We couldn't stop laughing when we found his diaper full of  safety first Electric plugs.
He made his rounds to all the plugs down stairs and found the perfect storage unit for them all.

 That boy of ours has his moments.
Some days he is so good about playing with the little kids and other days he wants nothing to do with them.
I remember my brothers being the same way.
Except, if they were playing with me I was being locked up in some jail or being held hostage or pretty much running for my life hiding up in a tree until dinner!
Not even kidding.
It hasn't gotten to that point around here, thank goodness.
So glad sitting to do puzzles, helping them into dress up and playing superheros is the reality.
(most days)