Wednesday, June 24, 2015

They say your first baby you have a ton of pictures.
Second baby,  not so much.  
by all means, correct me if I'm wrong but, 
 I don't think we are going to have that problem with our #2

 In the matter of seconds I can take over 60 pictures.
And I love it.

Monday, June 22, 2015

She has no idea how smitten we are over her. 

With Jackson I couldn't wait for him to "hit"  the next milestone, I remember thinking: I can't wait to play catch with him, just regular ol' catch where he isn't missing the ball and can throw it back to me.  Here we are, playing catch and now, he can keep up with pretty much anything Ry and I do.
It goes by so fast. Too fast.
I have found myself slowing down, as of late.
 Sitting on the couch snuggling her while kids draw and build legos-it has been my hardest challenge yet, to slow down.
 I want to go, go here, go there-drive here, drive there instead of enjoying the simple, most precious moments in my home.

Jackson will be nine.  
I have learned a lot from him.  
He doesn't remember beach days or all the things I thought would be fun for him that were extravagant and time consuming that we did almost on a daily basis.
He remembers bedtime stories and me singing him to sleep.
He remembers early morning cuddles in our bed.
He remembers going on walks and playing in the mud.
He remembers baking in the kitchen and coloring pictures.
 He remembers the simple things we did in our home or at home.

Slowing down, enjoying the moment, enjoying the now.


This gal of ours.
I just want to butter her up and have her for lunch-she is so cute and her personality is just the cutest.

We have a lot of stages going on at our house but, two in particular are of great interest to me.
The first: Our boy,  is trying to master the front flip into a dive. He is close, so close.
The second: Our girl: She is learning to, well,! haha!

 This guy is still learning too...