Sunday, November 30, 2014

I hope she likes to wear bows!

time is flying!

Black Friday shopping.  I caught my mom shopping for herself in the little girls department.  My mom is a beast though.  She dropped me off at my house at 3 am and I wrapped gifts until 4:30, she still wasn't home. When the kids woke me at 7 I got them up and Ryan was the only one still sleeping.  It looked like he was the one who was out all night.

My mom came to visit over thanksgiving break.  What a treat that was! We shopped (the boys were troopers) and decorated the nursery.  She put up the wall paper and it looks so pretty, much better than I could have ever done.
Time is flying and baby will be here before I know it and it makes me happy and sad all at the same time.  Happy that our baby will be here and sad that this pregnancy has flown. Keeping my eye out for just a few more things to make it perfectly perfect for our girl.

He loves his snake and takes such good care of it.  The 8 yr old, not the 31 yr old.  I thought for sure that snake would sit in his cage day in and day out and never be tended to.  Jackson does a great job of holding him everyday and making sure we get a mouse once a week.  He always takes him out to the neighborhood kids and they all think he is the coolest.

A lunch date with this guy.  It was lunch with mom day at school and I brought him his favorite meal.  I love that his school does this and I hate seeing little ones crying because their mom couldn't make it, breaks my heart in half.

The maternity jeans are from the thrift store. $3 bucks, how could I pass that up? Then I found $14 in the pockets! lucky me!