Sunday, September 28, 2014

Playing in the rain.  Love the storms we've  been having.

Baby. Balloons.

The kids ate ice cream fast.  Before I knew it they were outside jumping on the tramp and before I knew it, it was storming and raining. Hard. Twenty neighborhood kids running in and out of my house sopping wet. Awesome.

His pijamas. He wears them everyday all day minus the hours he is at school.  He try to go to the store in them, like that. Pulled down and no underwear.

Pretty much won coolest mom of the day award with my jackaroo.  He was eating a snack after school, looking board.  I picked up the phone called one of his friends and twenty minutes later we were at the batting cages.  He was so excited, I was glad.

playing at the park on the salt river Pima Maricopa- Indian reservation.