Monday, August 4, 2014

Everyone had been gone for a few hours, it was just us. 
 We came back to camp after exploring some canyons to eat some lunch.
As we sat, I said: "This is so amazing"
Jackson said: "You want to see something amazing?" he pointed to the top of the rocks, "go up there."
Ryan nodded in agreement.
We ended up going out to explore some more and came back  in the evening.
I started dinner and yelled to Ryan to come eat.  He watched the kids and ate while I went to find Jackson up the mountain, he was no where to be found.
I got to the top and saw him walking up the other mountain across the way.
He was right, it was amazing up there.

The day couldn't have been more perfect.
We woke up to sprinkles around midnight.  Ryan asked if he should put the rain cover on our tent, I said naaaa.
He didn't listen and good thing.  It stormed the rest of the night and into the morning.
I was up anyways with a stomach ache and it was really cool getting to listen to the rain,  thunder and see the lightning light up our tent.
In the morning we woke up to a muddy mess, we packed up and headed for our car.
I had a forty three mile boat ride to think back on the past few days.
As I looked out at the beautiful scenery, I did just that.
I thought a lot about the pictures above and below in the next post with my peeps.

 I thought about:

-Seeing the four from Michigan that we missed so much for the first time in a year.
-Axton looking like he should be starting second grade with Jackson, he is as tall as some of his friends in his class.  They really are like a mini Ryan and Josh.  I remember Josh always being bigger than Ryan.
-Meeting Lacey, Cory's wife. She was too good to all my kids, to all the kids. She is a doll.
-The three year old we tend, peeing on my father n' laws and Erins neck as shoulder rides were given.  They handled it nicely,  Sorry about that. hahaha!
-calming nieces and nephews and my own durning a wild storm.
-how we all laughed at all the chaos of said storm.
-the new inside joke "PEOPLE DON'T MATTER"
-Watching the little ones do the funniest things.
-Mary,  oh Mary! eight months pregnant and a smile on her face.  enough said.
-The laughs, the teasing, the games.
-Each one of my sister n' laws-they are golden- how sweet and wonderful they are.  They each add a slice of greatness to the family in their own way,   I appreciate all of  them so very much.
-The brothers, they use to act like one year olds with each other.  With each passing year I think they have finally graduated to five year olds. All great guys and sweet, sweet daddy's.
A great Mother n' law and father n' law whose boat turned day care most days.
`-Next family vacation we will have one more of our very own to pack for, so unbelievably grateful for that  :)


Our trip in pictures....